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Extraordinary Relationships

Living Missionally

why faithwalking?

We live in a reactive, anxious, and broken culture where even the most well-intentioned people do things they regret later.

Everyone has triggers. Marriages, families, churches, businesses, communities, and governments are all impacted by people’s lack of ability to work together in healthy and life-giving ways.

Do you feel like you are just existing or surviving?

Do you have relationships you wish were deeper and more authentic?

Do you react without thinking when you’re anxious or emotional?

Do you blame others for your problems or take responsibility for other people’s problems?

Do you avoid hard conversations or do difficult conversations always blow up?

Do you want to live more like Jesus but feel like you’re missing something?

If so, Faithwalking is for you. Faithwalking is a journey of growth, transformation, and formation.

We combine tools and practices designed to help open your heart to a deeper connection with God and learn to align your life with the life and teachings of Jesus. Become more self-aware, gain freedom from wounds of your past, and experience the personal freedom that comes from living a less reactive life. Develop more healthy, authentic, and meaningful relationships by growing your capacity to manage yourself.

our approach

An Ongoing Spiritual Formation Process

Faith walking is about putting feet to our faith. It is about living out what we claim to believe — whatever that may be. Faith walking is about aligning our lives with our values. Faith walking implies progress. It implies that we are going somewhere. This is a journey of growth, transformation, and formation. It is a journey towards our Creator’s intended design. It requires patience, courage, and effort. There is no quick fix that will deliver transformation or deep change in you.

Information alone does not produce transformation. It is the experience and practice of the right information that leads us to be transformed, that’s why everything we do is designed around a cycle of information, practice, and reflection. We intentionally incorporate this cycle throughout all of our courses and resources by including it in the form of content, assignments, and coaching.

Spiritual Formation: Developing rhythms and spiritual practices that empower you to be increasingly authentic with yourself, with others, and with God.

Emotional Growth & Healing: Move toward a full, ongoing expression of your true self. Finding healing from the wounds of your past and move forward in hope and power.

Extraordinary Relationships: Learn how to see and manage anxiety. Grow your capacity to thoughtfully respond in the midst of anxiety. Learn how to establish healthy boundaries and clear guiding principles for your life.

Living Missionally: Learn to love like Jesus loved, serve the common good, and work with others to make the world a better place. Learn to see brokenness in the places where you already spend your time.

get started

Faithwalking Foundations

Faithwalking Foundations is our cornerstone course and is offered as six 10-week modules that build on each other, each intentionally designed to take you on a journey of growth, transformation, and formation. Each module includes six group sessions, four coaching sessions, and assignments to be completed between sessions. The modules focus on six topics, self-awareness, authenticity, anxiety, emotional maturity, integrity, and living on mission with God.

other ways to engage

Faithwalking Foundations:

Foundations is completed in six 10-week modules over 2 years. The six modules focus on self-awareness, shame, anxiety, emotional maturity, integrity, and living missionally.

Extraordinary Relationships:

The quality of many of our relationships is in direct proportion to our level of emotional maturity. By applying a set of principles and with some coaching, any of us can grow in our level of emotional maturity.

Going Home Again:

The impact of life in our family of origin extends well beyond childhood and shapes how we see ourselves, others and the world as well as how we show up in our most important relationships.

Small Groups:

We want to create spaces for wholeness, learning, and prayer – in which we can remember the source of our hope and the constant invitation to be who we want to be in every circumstance.

Workshops and Seminars:

We have a growing library of on-demand workshops available year-round, and a few times a year we host live seminars.

Podcast & Blog:

We release new content on our blog and podcasts throughout the month. Use the link below to check out our archive and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future content.

A community on a journey together

Thousands of people have joined us on this journey toward wholeness and it truly is our desire to make wholeness possible for people for individuals and communities around the world!

Faithwalking changed my life. I was an unhappy person before FW, and I’m learning so much about myself and people around me. It’s been like 5 years, and I’m just so grateful to God that I could be a part of FW and be on the transformation road. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve already come a long way.

I have really appreciated how Faithwalking has helped me become more like Jesus. I wished that I had been involved with something like Faithwalking much earlier in life. It has helped me grow in my self-awareness and as a result I have been able to overcome some things that kept me stuck. 

Faithwalking is the most transformational process I have encountered in 17 years of ministry.

Faithwalking radically impacted my life. The internal and emotional change has been astounding.

we believe

Wholeness is Possible

Author and theologian Dallas Willard stated that the church in America is doing a good job of making good church members but that it is not doing a good job of making disciples of the way of Jesus and that the most serious failure today is the inability to provide effective practical guidance as to how to live the life of Jesus. 

We believe that people lack the fully human and fully alive life described in John 10:10.

Join the conversation

Keep Calm & Faithwalk On

Join Ken Shuman and others from the Faithwalking community for conversation, learning, and community.


Most Fridays

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM Central Time

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Facilitated by Ken Shuman

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Meditation Meetings

Join Marcos Leon and others from the Faithwalking community for a time of meditation, prayer, and learning about practices that nurture the soul.


2nd & 4th Mondays

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM Central Time

Zoom call

Facilitated by Marcos Leon

Free (optional donation)