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faithwalking foundations

Increasingly experience life more fully alive, better aligned with the way of Jesus, on mission with God where you live, work, and play.

What is Faithwalking foundations?

A Spiritual Formation Process

Faithwalking Foundations is our cornerstone curriculum and is offered as six 10-week modules each intentionally designed to take you on a journey of growth, transformation, and formation. Each module includes six group sessions, four coaching sessions, and assignments to be completed between coaching sessions. The modules focus on six topics, self-awareness, authenticity, managing anxiety, emotional maturity, integrity, and living on mission with God.

why foundations?

God’s Intended Design for Your Life and All of Creation is Wholeness

More consistently live your beliefs

Better align your life with the life and teachings of Jesus

Increase your self-awareness and clarify your values

Shape your life into the one you believe God designed you for

Live a life of purpose on mission with God

Become less reactive in the face of anxiety and strong emotion

Format & rhythm

Information Alone Does Not Transform

The Bible has been available to us for hundreds of years, we have thousands of books at our fingertips, and we can find virtually anything we want online. If information were all it takes, more people would be experiencing transformation all around the world.

We believe that experience and practice of the right information is what lead us to be transformed, that’s why everything we do is designed around a cycle of information, practice, and reflection. The content, assignment, and coaching rhythm is how the information, practice, and reflection cycle will look during Faithwalking Foundations modules.

Content: You will participate in six group sessions that are led by a trained facilitator.

Assignments: You will have homework after every session intended to help you create space for reflection and apply the material in your life.

Coaching: Each participant will be part of a coaching group with one or two other participants and a volunteer coach in between large group sessions.


Foundations Modules

New Foundations cohorts typically begin in January, May, and September. Modules are predominantly offered as online cohorts. The modules are broken up as follows:

Awareness Through Self-Discovery: Grow in self-awareness and self-discovery. Reflect on both the positive and the negative of your first formation and discover how wounds from your past are impacting your life. Learn how to move your life forward in a healthier direction.

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Authenticity: In Faithwalking we believe that authenticity is a vital ingredient for the fully alive life. Learn how shame and your own sense of self-worth are impacting you in negative ways and get tools for addressing your shame and moving beyond it. Learn how to increasingly live as one integrated self.

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Managing Anxiety: Have you ever thought about how much energy you spend being reactive rather than being proactive and intentional in life? Learn how to see and manage anxiety. Learn how to grow in your capacity to thoughtfully respond in the midst of anxiety.

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Emotional Maturity: Grow in your emotional maturity. Learn how to establish healthy boundaries and clear guiding principles for your life. Learn how to stay connected to the important people in your life. Learn tools for developing healthier relationships.

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Integrity: Explore what integrity is, why it is important, and how to apply it to your life. Gain tools for keeping yourself in alignment with what you say you believe. Learn to stop allowing your feelings to run your life. Learn what it means to join God in God’s ongoing mission in the world.

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Living on Mission with God: Live a life of purpose on mission with God. Learn to love like Jesus loved, serve the common good, and work with others to make the world a better place. Learn to see brokenness in the places where you already spend your time and to wonder what wholeness might look like there. Learn how to partner with God in God’s ongoing mission in the places where you live, work, and play. 

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A community on a journey together

Thousands of people have joined us on this journey toward wholeness, and it is our desire to make wholeness possible for individuals and communities around the world!

Because of Faithwalking, I’m becoming more of who God wants me to be. It’s scary and it hurts sometimes, but I’m finding a deeper experience of God’s love a healing, a journey toward wholeness and I’m really thankful, really grateful for all of it.

– Dan Baughman


I thought I had to give up definition to connect with other people. And what I’ve found is that without defining myself I never really was connected with them. The lack of awareness about this in my life and the impact is, is this kind of trail of shallow relationships I’ve left behind. And it’s been a lot of work for me now to actually invest in those relationships and, and show up in them and try to build a foundation in the relationships I’m in now, I actually have deep and lasting friendships.

– Andy B.


find a class & register

Upcoming Foundations Opportunities

The registration fee for each module is $175 unless otherwise stated below. The principles that you will learn in this process have changed our lives. We’re excited for the opportunity to be on this journey with you.

Please note: We will be adding an evening Module 1 class shortly. Stayed tuned!

Module 1

Mondays at 11:45 AM with Ken Shuman

11:45 AM – 1:00 PM Central Time

May 1 – July 3, 2023

Ken Shuman

Module 2

Mondays at 5:00 PM with Ken Shuman

5:00 PM – 6:15 PM Central Time

May 1 – July 3, 2023

Ken Shuman

Module 2

Thursdays at 11:45 AM with Dawn Bird

11:45 AM – 1:00 PM Central Ttime

May 11 – July 13, 2023

Dawn Bird

Module 3

Tuesdays at 8:00 AM with Reneé Jelsma

8:00 AM – 9:15 AM Central Time

April 11 – June 13, 2023

Reneé Jelsma

Module 3

Wednesdays at 11:45 AM with Ken Shuman

11:45 AM – 1:00 PM Central Time

May 3 – July 5, 2023

Ken Shuman

Module 4

Thursdays at 2:45 PM with Ken Shuman

2:45 PM – 4:00 PM Central Time

May 4 – July 6, 2023

Ken Shuman

Module 5

Tuesdays at 5:00 PM with Ken Shuman

5:00 PM – 6:15 PM Central Time

May 2 – July 4, 2023

Ken Shuman

Module 5

Thursdays at 12:00 PM with Marcos Leon

12:00 PM – 1:15 PM Central Time

May 25 – July 27, 2023

Marcos Leon

Module 6

Tuesdays at 6:30 PM with Scott Hescht

6:30 PM – 7:45 PM Central Time

April 25 – June 27, 2023

Scott Hescht

Module 6

Thursdays at 11:45 AM with Ken Shuman

11:45 AM – 1:00 PM Central Time

May 4 – July 6, 2023

Ken Shuman


To participate in Faithwalking Foundations Online you will need:

  1. A computer with videoconference capabilities and a fast and stable internet connection.
  2. A headset or headphones with microphone.
  3. A quiet place where you can connect and focus during the online meetings.
  4. To complete the homework assigned each week, which will include reading the content for the next session, spending time in solitude, and getting-into-action assignments.

To complete any single Foundations module, participants will have to participate in at least 3 of the 4 scheduled content sessions and at least 3 of the 4 coaching sessions, but we strongly encourage you to attend all of the sessions when possible. Please let your leader or coach know in advance if you are going to miss. They may be able to share the recording of the class with you or reschedule the coaching session.

The registration fee for each module is $175 unless otherwise stated. Some limited partial scholarships are available for those who need them. Please contact us here if you need financial help.

While we do believe that Faithwalking Foundations is offered at a low price for the incredible value participants receive, we also know that each person’s financial situation is different. Because of that, we offer some limited partial scholarships for those who need them. Please contact us here if you need financial help in order to participate.

The modules online are offered in 10 sessions of 75 minutes each. During your group sessions, you will discuss what you are learning, what you are getting present to in your own life, and how you are applying what you are learning. You will have four coaching sessions in between your main sessions. This follows our rhythm of information, practice, and reflection.

There are groups around the world using our material and process in their local contexts. We call these groups Faithwalking Circles. Not all Circles offer in-person modules or are open to the public, but if that is something you are interested in, feel free to contact us and we will let you know of any opportunities in your area.

All times are listed in the U.S. Central time zone (click here if you need help converting it to your timezone) unless specifically stated otherwise.