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Professional Services

Counselors, Coaches, and Spiritual Directors

The following is a list of professionals (therapists/counselors, coaches, and spiritual directors) who are connected with the Faithwalking community and know the Faithwalking process and tools. These professionals offer their services for a fee. Their practices and the professional services offered are not formally related to Faithwalking in any way.

If you are looking for these kinds of professional services, please reach out to one of the individuals below directly.

Dawn Bird

Professional coaching services specializing in family of origin work

Gail Edmonson

Certified spiritual director and spiritual formation coach

Jim Herrington

Professional coaching services specializing in leadership, family systems, family of origin, and spiritual formation

Marcos Leon

Certified therapist (LPC-A) in Texas, spiritual formation coach, certified spiritual director

Benjamin Ramon

Certified therapist (LPC-A and LMFT-A) in Texas, spiritual formation coach

Terri C. Pilarski

Licensed clinical social worker in Michigan specializing in Bowen Family Systems, certified spiritual director, parish priest