Foundations Module 1

Awareness Through Self-discovery

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Module 1 Overview

In this module, we invite you to see yourself in the context of your experience of spiritual formation. Spiritual formation is the process of transforming the inmost dimension of the human being in such a way that its natural expression comes from the individual’s truest and best self. Spiritual formation is an ongoing, long-term process that is not a religious activity. Spiritual formation is a human activity. You don’t get to decide if your spirit will be formed. You only get to have some measure of say over who or what forms your spirit.

In this module, you will learn tools for building self-awareness and self-discovery. You will reflect on both the positive and the negative of your first formation. You will learn how your first formation wounded you and how those wounds are impacting your life, and you will learn how to make positive declarations that move your life forward in a healthier direction.

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