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Faithwalking is Partnering with

The Leader’s Journey

We would like to introduce you to one of our beloved ministry partners, The Leader’s Journey. Led by Faithwalking leaders Trisha Taylor and Jim Herrington, The Leader’s Journey brings more than fifty combined years of successful leadership experience in the nonprofit world to helping organizations and congregations have maximum impact. They help leaders and organizations grow their emotional intelligence so that they can be the healthiest, most effective versions of themselves.

The three key services The Leader’s Journey offers are coaching, leadership development, and organizational consulting. They also offer a variety of helpful resources on their website, including links to their books, podcast series, and recommendations for their favorite resources on adaptive leadership, living systems, emotional intelligence, and spiritual formation. Faithwalking and The Leader’s Journey share key values and mental models. Currently Faithwalking’s partnership with The Leader’s Journey involves mutual referrals, but we may one day find creative new ways to partner.

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The Leader’s Journey