Help in the South West area…

By Community Contributor

by Vickie Dalton

I am enclosing several different information for you here…please accept my apologies for the length. If there is anything that you feel would be helpful to add, please let me know and I will add it to the packets.

I know it is short notice, but there is a clean up effort that is being put together for tomorrow, Saturday, Sept 20th for the Arcola/Fresno area. There are 4 streets in particular that have been devastated and the residents don’t have the ability to help themselves.

If you can come or know anyone that will, please see the following. I apologize for the late notice, but I just heard about this a little while ago. This is from Brandy Leonhardt, who is Ron Castillo’s assistant from Fort Bend Corp.

Hello Everyone – I have received the list of streets that debris needs to be removed from the Fresno/Arcola area. There are 4 streets that need to be done. I have 10 volunteers committed by RiverPointe Church to work on Saturday. We will need many more volunteers in order to complete all 4 streets. I will be meeting Mark Evans in the Fresno/Arcola area this afternoon to assess the area. If any of your volunteer groups has a representative that can meet with us this afternoon that would be great. We will be meeting at City Hall off of HWY 6 before 521 at 2:30pm. We will be traveling over to the areas that have been listed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email or via cell phone (281) 352-5433. I look forward to working with each and every one of you to help the residence of Fort Bend County. Have a great day!

Brandy Leonhardt
Fiscal & Program Director
Fort Bend CORPS

Also, Second Mile is going to be open from 10-2 Saturday the 20th as well. If you would like to volunteer there be sure to call in advance. Apparently there are a lot of drop in volunteers showing up with large groups and it is putting some strain on their system. They are thrilled to have the volunteers, but as we all know it is most helpful when we can plan in advance. This is the email I received from Sarah at Second Mile….. Second Mile Mission Center will be open to serve families tomorrow, Saturday, September 20th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The address here is 504 FM 1092, Suite I, Stafford, TX 77477. If you know families in need, please let them know we will have food and water available.

We are set to go with volunteer teams who will help us run the Mission for this special Saturday outreach. Unfortunately, we will not be equipped to handle walk-in volunteers tomorrow. But if you have members who would like to volunteer at Second Mile next week, please be sure they call Carol Wells at 281-261-9199, ext. 289 to schedule their shift. We are so appreciative of the hundreds of good-hearted people who have flowed into the Mission this week to volunteer. Like you, Second Mile is in this recovery process for the long-haul, and the need for volunteers will not go away soon. Please thank those from your congregations who have helped us serve thousands of people in need in just 5 days, and remind them that their help will be needed in the weeks to come.

Here’s an update on the current needs at the Mission – pantry: dry beans, peanut butter, jelly, baby formula, canned fruits, macaroni and cheese, snacks

Household: pots and pans, dishes

Thanks so much for your service and support.

In Him,

Sarah White

Development Director
Second Mile Mission Center
504 FM 1092, Suite I
Stafford, TX 77477
281-261-9199, ext. 289

Finally, here is a request from Stafford Schools asking us to help them supply the influx of new students from the evacuees with school uniforms…if you can supply any, please call me and I will come by your church and pick them up.
Stafford schools are also looking for uniforms and clothes for those students. If you have access to funds to purchase them, or if you have members that might want to donate clothes to this cause, please let us know.

They are looking for uniforms-

Pre-k- 6th uniforms are:

solid color (red-white or navy) collared polo shirts
White collared button front shirts or blouses (NO logos or insignias except the SMSD Spartan logo allowed)

pants or shorts:
Cotton type material or official school uniform fabric (Navy or khaki color) No denim, jean, stretch material, cargo pants or wind suits allowed. For pants that have belt loops, belts must be worn.

Skirts or jumpers
Navy or khaki in color, cotton or official school uniform fabric

No open toed, thongs, flip-flops, or backless allowed.

7-8th grade:

Shirts should be collared polo style shirts-
7th- Light or athletic gray
8th light blue

Pants, slacks and shorts must be twill and either navy or khaki in color. No denim, jean material or rivets style are allowed. No cargo pants, pants with large pockets, hip huggers, pant and shorts without waistbands or wind suit pants.

Skirts and jumpers:
Navy or khaki colored skirts or jumpers in twill.

Same as above.

HIght school:

Appropriate for school and school related activities. No pictures, emblems or writings that advertise or depict unacceptable products or topics

If you need to contact me please feel free…

Vickie Dalton
Stafford Rise
4211 Creek Hollow
Missouri City, TX 77459